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It is a practice designed to be the patient's solution for all the problems in the current health care system. We offer convenvience, honesty, up-front and reasonable pricing, a physician that listens to patients and a priority placed on patient's wait times.



All prices only quoted for patients of Dr. Sally Ellebracht-Gerke MD and BTC Healthcare.

We believe in being open, honest, upfront and transparent with our pricing. We also believe your time is valuable to you. When calling to make an appointment please be honest with our staff about your needs and concerns for this office visit. This will enable us to be more respectful of your time as well as other patient’s time and allows us to give you a more accurate estimate of cost. While these estimates are not binding, our promise to you is that the estimates are not a “bait and switch”, but we reserve the right to be flexible during your office visit to ensure we cover all of your needs.

While we will accept all patients, payments for services are due at time of check-out from clinic visit. We will not bill your insurance carrier for you but we will give you a paid receipt with an invoice which you may submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement or application toward your deductible. It would be advantageous to our patients with insurance to “know your insurance” as many times our services can be less expensive than involving insurance at all. Additionally, knowing your coverage allows us to better help you navigate to the most cost effective testing and treatment for you.

Unfortunately, Medicare will not allow us to bill them for our services. Also, Medicare will not allow our patients to submit paid invoices for reimbursement. Additionally, we must ask our Medicare eligible patients to sign a private contract with the physician prior to the initial office visit and must be renewed annually. This private contract will state that our Medicare eligible patients understand that they have entered into a private contract with the physician which Medicare is not a party to, so Medicare has no responsibility to pay. Also this contract will state the ramifications for patient and physician if either party fraudulently submits a bill for payment to Medicare. A sample copy of this contract will appear at the bottom of this page. While our decision to opt-out of Medicare may seem onerous, it was the only decision available in which we could still provide our high standards of care for our Medicare patients without third party interference. Medicare patients will still have any test, medicine, or specialist referred by Dr. Ellebracht-Gerke covered by Medicare, just not the office services we provides.

We have tried to give a price for all services we can provide. However, we’re sure we have missed a few services, if there is one you don’t see here and you need, feel free to give our office a call at


Office Visits

Tier I - $50.00 

Tier I includes but not limited to cold, cough, flu, sore throat and other minor check-ups without complications.

Tier II - $85.00 

Tier II includes but not limited to more than one minor concern and follow-up for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Tier III - $110.00 

Tier III includes but not limited to diagnosis and treatment for new patient multiple diagnoses, multiple chronic disease and atypical diagnoses.

Tier IV - $165.00 

Tier  IV includes but not limited  to  prolonged  exam dealing with multiple  complex issues. Also preliminary hormone therapy office visit. 

Well Child Exam 

 Established patient  $75.00

New patient   $100.00

Well Woman Exam                                                     


                                       Includes pap pathology fee

Sports Physicals                                                        



Now Offering:                                                                         

 Adrenal Fatigue testing, treatment and management.

Complex Digestive Issue testing, treatment and management                  


Lab and Diagnostics 

Thyroid Panel                                                                                                 $50.00
                                                                      Includes 3 blood tests 

Yearly Diabetic Lab Panel                                                                                $85.00
                                                                      Includes 15 blood tests 

Yearly High Blood Pressure Panel                                                                    $55.00
                                                                      Includes 15 blood tests 

Heart Disease Screening Panel                                                                        $85.00
                                                                      Includes 15 tests and EKG 

Hormone Panel                                                                                              $165.00
                                                                      Includes 4 tests 

Mens Comprehensive Health Screening                                                          $110.00
                            Includes heart disease lab panel plus free testosterone,
                                                                                                 Add EKG for  $30.00  

In office rapid result strep throat, urinalysis, pregnancy, blood glucose tests      $10.00/test 

PT/INR                                                                                                         $15.00  

In office rapid result influenza test                                                                  $20.00 

CBC, CMP, CRP, HgbA1C, Lipid Panel, Urine microalbunin,
PSA, Progesterone, Free T3, Free T4, TSH, Vitamin B12,
Rheumatoid Factor, Hepatic Function Panel, BMP, Amylase,
Tegretol level, Digoxin level, Ferritin, blood pregnancy,
magnesium, Dilantin level, Sed rate, Depakote level, HIV,
Mono, Iron Binding Level, Blood Type, Uric acid, CPK                                  $25.00/test  

EKG,Throat culture                                                                                     $30.00/test

ANA, Chlamydia/GC probe, Total estrogens, Vitamin D,
Vitamin B12 & Folate, Prolactin, Total Estrogen, Zinc                                    $45.00/test 

BNP, Free testosterone, Hep C                                                                   $65.00/test 

Reverse T3 blood test                                                                                 $70.00 

IgG4 food sensitivity panel                                                                           $120.00 

Above Prices include Lab Draws 


Patients with Medicare or insurance have the option to have the outside Lab bill your insurance for these test, we charge a $10.00 lab draw and processing fee for labs billed outside our office. However, know your insurance because many times our office pricing is less than the patient’s responsibility when billed through insurance at the outside lab. 




Joint Injections                                                                                                           $110.00

Toenail Removal                                                                                                        $175.00

Skin Tag Removal                                                                                             1-10  $60.00     

                                                                                                                    Over 10   $100.00

Skin Biopsy                                                                                                                 $85.00-$110.00

  *plus pathology fee billed by outside lab

Lesion Removal                                                                                                        $110.00-$250.00

  *plus pathology fee billed by outside lab

Wart Treatment                                                                                                         $60.00/wart

Laceration Repair (adhesive, staple, or suture)                                                    $100.00-$300.00

  *includes staple or suture removal - prices vary due to complexity


IPV (polio), Hib (infant vaccine), Infanrix (tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria)      $50.00/vaccine

MMR                                                                                                                           $60.00/vaccine

Rotateq (infant rotavirus), Adacel (adult tetanus pertussis)                             $100.00/vaccine




We have many common antibiotics available in our office.                            $10.00/medication

Children's Liquid Zithromax antibiotic                                                                 $20.00/bottle

Natural Progesterone Cream                                                                                $20.00/month



B12, Ketorolac, Kenalog, Rocephin                                                                      $15.00/injection 


Prices subject to change but you will be notified of changes prior to service   





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